MoliCare Premium Fixpants Short Leg

For added security and discreet shaping, our Premium Fixation short leg pants are the ideal partner with our anatomically shaped large incontinence pads.


  • Discreet comfort fit with an underwear like feel that fits smoothly under your clothes
  • Creates a secure and hygienic fixation when wearing a two-piece system
  • Cross-elasticised threads for the optimum body fit
  • Made from air active material which allows the skin to breathe and remain dry
  • Can be machine washed up to 50 times at 60°c in a laundry net

Add an extra layer of security

The perfect partner for MoliCare®’s large shaped incontinence pads, our Premium Fixation Pants add an extra layer of security when it comes to the day-to-day management of incontinence and bladder weakness. Made from skin-friendly, breathable fabric that softly stretches to hug your body, the short leg design means they also fit discreetly under your clothes for invisible comfort wear. Effectively keeping your skin comfortable and dry, our Premium Short Leg Fixation Pants are the hygienic way to secure your large shaped incontinence pads in place, allowing you to get on with your day, confident and worry free. Our high-quality premium fixation pads are great value for money too and can be machine washed at 60°c up to 50 times and also tumble-dried on a low heat. Our Premium Fixation Pants are also available in a choice of four sizes for the perfect fit.