Open modular ward trolleys

Our range of open, modular ward trolleys distinguishes itself in terms of durability, hygiene, excellent manoeuvrability and load-bearing capacity.

Product sheet

These trolleys were designed in accordance with the Euronorm standard.

They all have a high-quality, powder-lacquered steel frame. Their finish is UV resistant, scratch proof and impervious to most chemical products. This trolley meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Thanks to the addition of the additive Bacto-Stop to the coating of the ward trolley, the multiplication of all common bacteria is prevented.

The various models allow you to cater for the most diverse nursing care situations. 

Product characteristics


The runners have been manufactured from polyamide and have been fitted with a built-in stop to ensure maximum user comfort. The choice of material and the standard sound absorber ensure that the baskets have less sliding resistance and that the ward trolley is less noisy when being wheeled through the wards.

The runners can be flexibly adjusted at intervals of 25 mm. This allows you to make the best possible use of the available storage space. Slots not in use are covered.


The ward trolleys have also been fitted with a number of attachment points to accommodate a range of accessories. Even long after you took delivery of the trolley, its accessories can be adjusted, even by your own technical staff.

Belintra uses accessories that are screwed in rather than hooked on, which prevents damage to the lacquer, noise, loss and theft.


The 4 x Ø 100 mm swivel castors have low rolling resistance and are noiseless. The corners have been fitted with rubber bumpers.

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