Stockart Cathtower

Secure Inventory Management with CathTower® in Cardiology and Other Interventional Areas

CathTower® is an integrated storage system where the volume capacity can be structured in line with needs for cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology laboratory procedures. CathTower® not only increases security, it also ensures traceability, standardization of all medical supplies usage and easy access to all supplies.

The workflow in radiology and other interventional areas is very different from that of the standard workflow. CathTower® helps to standardize this workflow. Patient oriented care in radiology and other invasive fields is safer and easier with CathTower®. The system also increases system and medical supply security as well as productivity in workflow. Direct and hidden costs are reduced and medical supply storage management processes are optimized. By providing real time tracking of medical supplies from storage to dosage of the patient, the quality of your health institution’s services are increased.