Stockart MedSMART Mobile

Mobile Medication Management System

MedSMART® Mobile with the same features as MedSMART®, half-height mobile medication management system. MedSMART® Mobile Automated Medication Management System helps you optimize your pharmacy medication management processes allowing real-time monitoring from pharmacy to services and per patient; patient safety and care quality, while reducing hospital costs.

STOCKART® Solutions for your organization; increase in health care quality and patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction promotion, traceable and reportable process analysis, long-term planning capability and maintenance quality. It creates value for all health professionals by providing cost savings to be achieved.

MedSMART Mobile Brochure

With MedSMART Mobile®;

All types of medications are monitored with high safety, including serums, narcotic agents, and patients’ own meds.

Medication order is verified by the pharmacist and displayed on the MedSMART® Mobile screen.

Medications in the ward are accessed by authorized personnel only with the definition of Bio ID fingerprint reader.

Controlled access to the unit dose is provided for medications that require high safety.

As soon as the nurse takes the medications and log out the system, all medications taken from the inventory are dropped and only the amount of medication taken for the patient is invoiced. When the medication is returned to the system, it is taken back to the inventory and deducted from the patient’s invoice record.

The system automatically sends information to the pharmacy for medications of minimum level and below. System supports the cost control with electronic tracking and documentation.

With drawers of various sizes and types, MedSMART® Mobile is capable of managing medications of different sizes and safety levels.

System Features

  • Effective and user friendly
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply up to 2 hours
  • 17” Monitor
  • Emergency Access Drawers
  • Secure access with FingerPass Bio ID Authentication System
  • Integrated Thermal Printer
  • Integrated Label Printer
  • Internal Return Bin