Stockart DualTower

Automated Medication and Supply
Management System
Auxilary Cabinet Unit

Combining Med Tower and Supply Tower on a single platform, DualTower allows the administration of medications and supplies from a single station and from a single touch screen.

MedTower and SupplyTower have all the features, while the supplies are managed with Take-Return technology, while the medications are managed on demand basis.

System Features

  • Reduction in medication errors
  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in nursing time in medication and supply management
  • Increase in time spared for clinical applications by pharmacist in medication management
  • Prevention of expired medication/supply waste
  • Shortening in first dose administration time
  • Reduction in IV liquids consumption
  • Opportunity for Lot No and Serial No follow-up
  • Follow up of consignment, re-use and bill-only materials
  • Increase in compliance with International Healthcare Accreditations
  • Saving in medication and supply expenditures