Stockart MedSMART

Automated Medication Management System

MedSMART® is an automated medication management system allowing medication to be monitored in real-time from pharmacy to wards and to patient bedsides, reducing costs while increasing patient safety and healthcare quality of hospital by optimizing pharmacy medication management processes.

MedSMART Brochure

System Components Brochure

Advantages of the System

  • Reduction in medication errors
  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in medication expenditures
  • Saving in nursing time in medication management
  • Increase in time spared for clinical applications by pharmacist in medication management
  • Prevention of expired medication waste
  • Shortening in first dose administration time
  • Reduction in IV liquids consumption
  • Increase in compliance with International Healthcare Accreditations

System Features

MedSMART® Automated Medication Management System runs in real-time thanks to pharmacy, billing and ADT (Admission-Discharge-Transfer) integrations made with the existing hospital information system (HIS). This feature reduces the time spent for documentation, eliminates manual billing, maximizes cost management and ensures revenue control and stock accuracy.

MedSMART® Automated Medication Management System may run “order-based” when required. Order-based interface ensures pharmacist to validate the order as a second authority before distribution.

All medication remove disdropped from inventory when the nurse takes the medication and logs out of the system, only the amount of the medication being taken for the patient is charged to the account of the patient. If the medication is returned to the system, it is returned to the inventory in the same manner and dropped from the invoice record of the patient. In this way, stock follow-up, expenditures and revenues are taken under control.

Order-based MedSMART® eliminates end of shift stock taking, ensures narcotic medication control and queries all kinds of inconsistencies that might be occurring on the system with respect to medication management.System automatically sends information to pharmacy for the medication at or below minimum level. It supports cost control with electronic follow up and documentation.

MedSMART® stations located within the wards of the hospital are configured as customized for each ward on the basis of number of beds, medication consumption patterns, medication management workflow and number of nurses in the ward.

Only authorized personnel with BIO ID authentication may access the medication available on the ward. In this way, both the medication is under high-level control and when necessary collection of information for the performance measurement of personnel that is allowed to log into the system is ensured.

Warning systems, warn the users against potential errors and the users become aware of medication administration directives before reaching the medication.

Controlled access and warning systems help reduce risk of adverse drug events (ADE) and inventory losses.

All medication including narcotics, antibiotics can be made available on the ward and when required these medications can be accessed immediately, due to high level control.

Secure access is ensured with different modes for the management of medication of different types and importance. For medication requiring high security such as narcotic agents; access to a selected single type of medication is allowed only for a single dose in the presence of a witness.

Continuity of cold chain is ensured with continuous temperature/humidity monitoring, and when required, with warnings to users.

System instantaneously adapts itself to CV order throughout the day. In this way, the case of medication being sent to the wards daily due to CV Order but not being returned, having a world average of 30% is eliminated.

Medication administration of the patient can be started immediately with the administered first dose, with the request coming through the hospital information system (HIS) link. First dose administration time is shortened.

Several medications can be taken out of the system expeditiously with Kit definitions and required medication within the kit can be returned to the system, when needed.

All kinds of medication activities on the system are recorded. In cases of medicaiton being administered to the patient too early, too late or too close to the planned hour or in the case of medication intakes not being included in the order of the physician, the system warns the nurse and requests a written statement.

Many reports containing measureable criteria can be obtained from the system for the hospital personnel performance assessment.

In Institutions not offering a 7/24 pharmacy service, where medication is required at night yet not available on the ward, medication can be accessed by specifically authorized personnel with BIO ID authentications by using Night Shift MedSMART® instead of having night-pharmacist on duty.