Stockart NarcTower

Management of Controlled Medications
Auxilary Cabinet Unit

NarcTower ensures that all operations related to controlled medicines are traceable/controllable and operate on base stations. Together with the base station, the system is located in the pharmacy and eliminates manual registration in the pharmacy and integrates with other STOCKART base stations.

The controlled medicines managed in NarcTower are automatically collected in the main stations according to their level of need. Stations are collected or loaded from the pharmacy, they will receive medications with automatic notification and the traceability increases.

System Features

  • Chain of custody for controlled medication starting from the entrance of the Hospital, through administration until the end user, the patient
  • Automatic replenishment list for controlled medication to AnesthesiaSMART® and other STOCKART® Main Stations
  • Compliant with requirements of regulatory institutions
  • Easy and real time access to correct information
  • Transaction records with witnesses
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Active Directory integration
  • User access authorization mechanism via Bio-ID or Proxy Card
  • Decrease of manual records by nursing and pharmacy
  • Discrepancy traceability
  • Extra security with metal chassis and metal doors
  • Increased traceability with unique time stamp and activity-based record possibility with SMARTCamera