Stockart SMARTStore

Integrated Warehouse Inventory Management Module

SMARTStore® is warehouse management module designed with the intention of real-time and electronic management of stock areas within hospitals (Main warehouse, satellite warehouse, ward warehouse). It optimizes stock levels and minimizes stock errors while improving service quality.

Advantages of the System

In Clinical processes

  • Prevents out of stock issues
  • Improves service quality
  • Allows monitoring of products also within the wards
  • Helps ensure access to right product at the right time

In Administrative Domains

  • Optimizes stock levels
  • Ensures effective control concerning the products available within the wards
  • Optimizes consumption and reduces cost
  • Prevents having expired products on storehouse selves
  • Optimizes fulfilment of the needs of wards
  • Provides benefit as a decision support system and runs as integrated with SMARTDashboard applications

System Features

SMARTStore ®adopts consumption standards ensuring productive stock management, makes calculations by using consumption based product stock levels. It has specified profiles, where maximum (max.), minimum (min.) and fill points concerning the products of each stock area (ward or main warehouse) being defined. These levels are defined with the verification of amounts of consumption, stock analysis and nursing. When a product is taken out of the system, information organizing the inventory is automatically created in real-time.

SMARTStore® raises the preparation productivity for the products to be collected and distributed to the floors and reduces human-errors. In this way, it ensures raising healthcare quality and saving of time for the employees. Purchasing, storage, order preparation and domain management speed up and get easier. It ensures optimization of all processes concerning logistics such as workflow between purchasing, storage, transportation, warehouse and wards and storage and distribution within wards.

Medical devices, office equipment, supplies, consumables and medications can be managed with SMARTStore®.

Product Receipt Workflow:User verifies the product, which the label being read, over the system.
This label can both be printed over the hand-held terminals and also by using the computer.
The label is attached to the outer surface of the product. Label contains main information defining the product along with the details concerning its storage location within the warehouse.Storage Workflow:

Each shelf will be addressed with a label.
User will ensure product location matching by having the barcode on the product being read through the hand-held terminal.
It is ensured that the products are stored at the correct addresses with this method.

Picking (Preparation of Ward Requirements) Workflow:

Picking list is created on the basis of ward consumption information.
Collection list organizes the items by the shortest route through hand-held terminals.
Labels of the products ensure party number and expiry date follow up by using data matrix codes.
After the completion of collection, products are submitted for approval in order to be transferred to relevant clinical department stock.
Inter-warehouse transfer procedure is performed automatically after the approval.

Product Receipt Workflow within the Wards:

Products reach ward along with the barcoded delivery notice.
Delivered amount of the products are controlled by the person in charge of the ward and are placed into the locations defined and labelled previously.

Consumption Workflow within the Ward:

User logs in to the system to take the products stocked on the shelves and then selects his/her patient and has the barcode of the product or the self being read. User completes the removal act by entering the amount he/she wants to take. When this act is performed, the stock level of the ward and the invoice of the patient are automatically updated through the integration.