Stockart SMARTDashboard

Holistic Reporting and Knowledge Portal

SMARTDashboard Brochure

SMARTDashboard is a business intelligence platform providing data created by STOCKART products to the user by converting it into integrated and meaningful data. It provides information to the user with the purpose of opportunity and strategy development in the areas of process analysis, process improvement and performance assessment through the functions within the system.

Your institution can monitor and control the desired processes by using the SMARTDashboard with KPI data defined in compliance with quality criteria. It ensures only pre-determined users with specified authorization access the information only, and the dates of information access of users are recorded.

Authorized users are automatically informed, in compliance with the performance criteria and defined alarm levels of your institution, for the information beyond the defined scale in compliance with performance criteria and defined alarm levels of your institution.

System Features

  • Advanced Reporting with graphics and charts
  • Facilitating Decision making
  • Advanced Filtering options
  • Improving Quality Management and Performance Management
  • Monitoring and Controlling desired process of STOCKART® Systems
  • Authorisation Availability
  • Possibility of Integration with Multiple Systems