Stockart SMARTTrack

Bedside Verification and MAR Module

SMARTTrack® is bedside verification module that dramatically improves patient safety by tracking the entire medication process starting from when the medication leaves pharmacy right up to the administration to the patient. It provides confirmation of patient, medication order and administration of medication. It is the final step of the closed loop medication management.

SMARTTrack® notifies the user of possible errors and sends out warnings before the medication is administered to the patient by matching the barcode information with the patient bracelet and medication.

SMARTTrack Brochure

System Features

SMARTTrack® has detailed record tracking screens which are; Medication Administration Record (MAR), Too Late – Too Early Administrated Doses, Too Frequently Administrated Doses, Warning Logs Report, Near Miss Logs, Missed Doses Logs, Vital Parameter Tracking

It protects the eight rights of patient safety (Right medication, Right route, Right dose, Right Reason, Right Patient, Right documentation, Right time, Right response)

SMARTTrack® Bedside Verification Module can be integrated to STOCKART products and other systems such as HIS through SMARTMaestro® Backbone Integrator Module

Ensures the logging of medication administration records (MAR) of patients in real-time

Creates a consolidated medication administration record (MAR) where “Ordered Medications“, “Override Medication” and “Patients Own Medications” are recorded

Prevents possible errors and provides traceability of high risk medication management and administration with Clinical Data Messengers (CDM) from the Pharmacy

Administration of medication to patients is fully and accurately recorded via the barcode reader

Eliminates the need for handwritten record and manual data entry

If the Unit Dose Labelling System is not used at the facility; SMARTTrack® allows users to select medications from a list of ordered medications or formulary medications

Fractional doses can be traced with the system functions

Supports electronic drawers such as MedNest® on Smart Bedside Carts

It supports nurses’ routine check-ups by electronically recording vital patients’ parameters at the bed side which are; blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature and pulse rate