Stockart SupplySMART

Automated Supply Management System

SupplySMART® Automated Supply Management System is a user friendly, automatic supply distribution station, which controls supplies at points of use.

It allows supplies to be monitored in real-time from warehouse to wards and to patient bedsides; while reducing direct and indirect costs, it increases patient healthcare quality of the hospital by optimizing supply management processes of supplies warehouse.


Advantages of the System

  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in supply expenditures
  • Saving in nursing time in supply management
  • Prevention of expired supply waste
  • Opportunity for Lot No. and Serial No.follow-up

System Features

It provides real-time patient and supply information to ensure access to all supplies at any time and any place with its comprehensive and user-friendly reporting capabilities.

SupplySMART® runs real-time on account of integration of ERP, billing and ADT (Admission-Discharge-Transfer) system with current hospital information system (HIS). This feature reduces the time spent on documentation, eliminates manual billing, maximizes expense management and ensures revenue control and stock accuracy.

When the user takes the supply and logs off from the system, all supplies removed are dropped from the inventory and charged to the account of the patient. When any supply is returned to the system, it is put back into the inventory in the same manner and dropped from the invoice record of the patient. In this way, both the stock follow-up, and revenue are brought under control.

System automatically sends information to the main warehouse for the supplies at or below minimum level. It allows users to adjust and manage the optimum inventory levels. It ensures inventory control and significantly reduces supply consumption.It warns user with regard to visual warnings, product specific warning codes and expiry dates before taking a supply out to ensure patient safety. It ensures a quality and cost-effective balance between patient safety, healthcare improvement and personnel satisfaction.

SupplySMART® stations located within the wards of the hospital are configured as customized for each ward on the basis of number of beds, supply consumption patterns, supply management workflow and number of nurses in the ward.

The products available on the ward can only be accessed by authorized personnel with BIO ID authentication, in this way supplies are brought under high level control.

System speeds up access with “My Patients” list and only displays the patients under healthcare responsibility of the user.

The system equipped with Lighted Path lights helps user to find the supplies easily.

Take-Return technology ensures easy and expeditious access to required supplies.

Only the authorized users are allowed to access high cost supplies with increased security by means of the High Control High Capacity (HC) feature. System has enhanced capacity for unlimited type of supplies.

System allows case specific kits to be created in operating rooms and helps reduce costs.

Many reports incorporating measureable criteria can be obtained for hospital employee performance assessment.

System analysis supply use operations of institutions by means of comprehensive information and reporting features.