Stockart SMARTWard

Ward Warehouse Medication/Supply Management Module

SMARTWard® is a ward warehouse management module which is designed with the intention of real-time and electronic management of small stock areas such as ward warehouses and PAR locations. It optimizes medication and supply stock levels of wards and minimizes stock errors while raising service quality.

SMARTWard® has all the software capabilities of an ADC’s. System also supports modules such as MedNest®, CoolSMART® and External Lock for more controlled medication and supply management. That flexibility offers scalability in the investment cost of medication and supply management system.

Advantages of the System

In Clinical processes

  • Prevents out of stock issues
  • Improves service quality
  • Allows monitoring of products also within the wards
  • Helps ensure access to right product at the right time

In Administrative Domains

  • Optimizes stock levels
  • Ensures effective control concerning the products available within the wards
  • Optimizes consumption and reduces cost
  • Prevents having expired products on the selves
  • Optimizes fulfilment of the needs of wards
  • Provides benefit as a decision support system and runs as integrated with SMARTDashboard applications

System Features

SMARTWard® can be configured with the products listed in below;

  • External Lock
  • MedNest® for Narcotics
  • MedNest® for Cold Chain
  • CoolSMART®

SMARTWard® increases management of the ward stock and control of the medication and supply which will be charged to the patient thus reduces human errors. It ensures improvement in healthcare quality and time saving for the employees thanks to barcode and barcode reader supported system design.

Consumption Workflow within the Ward:

Station user logs in to the system to take the products stocked on the shelves and then selects his/her patient and has the barcode of the product or scans the barcode of the shelf . Station user completes the removal act by entering the amount he/she wants to take. When this act is performed, the stock level of the ward and the invoice of the patient are automatically updated through the integration.