Winncare Wiltshire™ II

The Wiltshire™ II is a dynamic cushion used in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for patients in all categories of risk. It provides comfort and support by maintaining a good level of blood flow around the body whilst seated.

It contains 8 alternating and 6 static horizontal cells that alternatively inflate and deflate in a cyclical pattern. This type of cushion is ideal for patients who spend a proportion of their day using a chair and is used in conjunction with a dynamic mattress system, under the required supervision.

Product features of Wiltshire™ II

  • Multi-stretch, vapour permeable, antimicrobial, cover material – Aids infection control
  • Fully Pulse Welded product – Prevents fluid ingress
  • Cell Design – Aids patient comfort whilst providing excellent pressure relief
  • Attractive Pump Design – Allows carer to select appropriate comfort setting, whilst being easy to operate
  • Transport Mode – Enables ward / patient procedures
  • Static Mode – Switch Allos safe patient transfer to take place
  • Clinically Proven – Giving peace of mind to nursing staff and patients

Technical information for Wiltshire™ II

Risk Category Very High Risk
Maximum Patient Weight 24 Stone or 150kg
Cushion Weight Less than 3kg
Alternation Cycle 1 in 2
Alternation Time 10 – 12 minutes
Cushion Cover Coating 210 – 230g (options available)
Pump Style Analogue (digital pump available at a premium)
Warranty 1 year (extended warranty available)