Closed aluminum transport carts

These modular trolleys in anodised aluminum are produced according to ISO and DIN measurements. The nylon guides, on which stainless steel as well as PC, ABS or polypropylene baskets or modules can rest, guarantee a smooth and noiseless transport. The distance between the guides is 114 mm as standard.

Product sheet

Equipped with an extra bumper at the top of the trolley and using a lock, the aluminum transport trolley is a safe and ergonomic means of internal transport of sterile and non-sterile goods.

This transport cart is best cleaned manually. The use of aluminum trolleys in washing tunnels is not recommended, as the material will tarnish. For a washing tunnel resistant trolley, we recommend our range of stainless steel trolleys.

Product characteristics

Tow bar mechanism

The base of the aluminum carts can be fitted with a tow bar to allow you to couple several carts together so that they can be operated as one single unit.

For enhanced manoeuvrability, both sides of the cart have been fitted with a push bar.

Removable ladders

For ease of cleaning, the carts have been fitted with removable runner ladders.

The standard distance between the runners is 114 mm.


The transport carts are delivered with 200 mm diameter castors. These make for low rolling resistance and ensure that the transport cart is easy to manoeuvre.

Our 1-column, D-type transport carts have been fitted with smaller castors of 125 mm indiameter.

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