UBeTrack™ mobile storage system

UBeTrack™ is a space-saving storage system with adjustable shelves.

Product sheet

The structure is very light so the mobile racks can be moved quickly. The result is a unique storage system made from anodized aluminium and high-quality, antistatic synthetic materials, which means it can be used in both sterile storage and non-sterile environments.

By positioning the runner system at the top good hygiene is guaranteed and it is easy to get past with transport trolleys.

Product characteristics

Easy assembly

The UBeTrack™ assembly is based on the UBeFlex® concept so it is easy and very quick to assemble. Since we use a single tracking system which is positioned on top of the unit and wheels on the bottom, there is no need for a track on the floor. Nothing to trip over!

The packages containing the parts are easy to carry and fit in a standard lift.

Modular construction

ISO D-type and DIN D-type columns can be combined with each other and with D-type shelves of up to 1200 mm. The same shelf-combinations must be fitted within one block however.

The maximum depth for working ergonomically is around 2300 mm. For example, this corresponds with 5 ISO D-type columns or 6 DIN D-type columns whether combined with shelves or not.


The tracking system, which is positioned at the top, has a protective cover over it preventing dust from falling on and accumulating in the track. This also allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

This top mounted track keeps floors clear and alows for easy cleaning of the floors and easy navigating through the unit with carts or trolleys.


With regard appearance the design fits in seamlessly with the existing UBeFlex® range so that both can be combined beautifully in one space.


The wheels on the mobile shelves have very low rolling resistance.

Thanks to the UBeTrack’s intelligent design, the wheels also function as a bumper to prevent damage.

Extremely strong

The UBeTrack™ has a load-bearing capacity of max. 600 kg per column. In column set-up max. 25 kg per pair of guides and in shelf set-up max. 150 kg per shelf level.

For ergonomic reasons, loading the mobile shelves over 150 kg in total is not recommended.

Optimum labeling

The shelves can be fitted with newly designed “click” label holders. These simply click onto any position on the front of the shelf and can be fitted with an insert. Because these label holders do not protrude above the edge of the shelf, you can take larger packets or containers from the shelves without a hitch.

There are specific label holders for the columns that can also simply be clicked onto the profiles.


As an option you can fit the UBeTrack™ with coloured PVC strips (packs of 10) to replace the standard grey profiles to personalize your storage per department or, for example, to use colour coding for location allocation per discipline in the storage within your CSSD.

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