Sterisystem® open Stericart – 18006 series

The Belintra open Stericart in stainless steel is designed for indoor transport of both instrument sets and consumables between the sterile processing department and the operating theatre.

Product sheet

This modular open transport cart comes both in an ISO size (600 x 400 mm) and in a double DIN size (600 x 600 mm). When using the double DIN version, the capacity per level is doubled if the establishment uses DIN transport baskets or trays.

The standard height of 1500 mm allows the user to see over the top of the cart during transport.

Product characteristics


Underneath, Stericart transport carts are fitted with a base plate which slopes from the middle. This protects the transported goods against splashes of moisture or dirt.

This X-baseplate also ensures that no water remains behind during the washing and drying process.

Washing tunnel-proof

The choice of high-quality, non-corrosive materials and components means that the Belintra Stericart can be cleaned in a washing tunnel.

Both the AISI 304 stainless steel body and the polyamide runners and wheels have been tested for resistance to washing tunnels.

Unique handles

The characteristic yellow Belintra handles do not get as hot as stainless steel during washing, so the Stericart user can safely hold on to them at the end of the process.

The dual handles are installed vertically on either side so that they can be used ergonomically by both short and taller users.

Noise-absorbing runners

The runners are made of polyamide. Unlike stainless steel runners, the high quality plastic ensures smooth running and substantial noise reduction when sliding stainless steel transport baskets or trays or plastic modules in and out. The polyamide also absorbs noise during transport.

The runners have a built-in stop function at both ends. Every Stericart is fitted with 10 pairs of runners which results in 9 usable positions.


Due to the functional height of 1500 mm, employees can still see over the top of the transport cart when moving forward. The high manoeuvrability of the wheels guarantees easy handling.

The open sides facilitate access on both sides, which certainly is an advantage in case of double storage per level.

Modular in use: model 600 x 600

In the 600 x 600 mm version, two DIN transport baskets or trays can be inserted side by side on each level. This doubles the capacity per level to a maximum of 18 DIN sets.

Alternatively, 600 x 600 transport trays and ISO transport baskets and trays can be used, as well as modular ISO PC and ABS modules for consumables in the same open transport cart.

Modular in use: model 600 x 400

In the 600 x 400 version, DIN transport baskets or trays can be inserted, but in that case only one per level. Of course, this size is optimal for all ISO compatible modular elements: ISO transport baskets and trays, as well as modular ISO PC and ABS modules for consumables.

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