Croyde Infant Feeding Footrest

Specifically designed to support mother and baby during infant feeding.



The Croyde Infant Feeding Footrest provides a stable support for different feeding positions. Ideal for busy maternity units: it can be easily moved between wards, and doesn’t take up large amounts of room in bay areas.

The footrest measures 37 by 40cm, slanting from 14cm in height to 10cm.


The Croyde Infant Feeding Footrest gently raises the knees higher than a traditional footrest.

The angle encourages good feeding positions by lifting the lap and bringing the baby closer to the nipple or bottle level. It also reduces back aches caused by leaning forward. It also allows the mother to raise her feet whilst in a semi-recumbent feeding position.


By elevating the feet with the Croyde Infant Feeding Footrest, there is less stress on the neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs. As a result, mothers can nurse longer and more comfortably.