Croyde Positioning Wedge

Comfortable seat and delivery positioning aid.


The Croyde Positioning Wedge is supplied as standard within the Croyde Birthing Couch & Croyde Birthing Couch Plus packages; however, it is also available as a product in its own right.

It can be used as a comfortable seat for the woman, midwife or birth partner in a variety of usage scenarios and it can also be used to support upright and active birth positions.

Highly portable & lightweight, it is designed to be easily moved around.


The Croyde Positioning Wedge is double covered in high quality, medical-grade fabric. It is waterproof, two-way stretch and breathable for maximum performance.

The light underside of the covers make internal inspection easy and all zips are water repellent and protected by double waterfall flaps.

The PU taping is monolithically bonded into the material during the manufacturing process to make the fabric seamless and one piece.

This gives the fabric extra strength and durability to further resist fluid ingress and makes cleaning a simple wipe-over.