Label holders & accessories – type A

The label holders are used to identify articles stored in modules and baskets. The user easily finds the goods needed without needing to search.

They exist in horizontal, vertical or diagonal versions and are placed on modules and baskets as well as on dividers.

Product sheet

Product characteristics

Organised work

Thanks to the label holders the modules and baskets which are divided into compartments can easily be labeled. This allows for a better organisation and for an optimal overview of the content.

Clear overview

The label holders allow for a clear labelling of the content of modules and baskets, so the user can easily find what he is looking for.

The use of white or coloured self-adhesive labels facilitates it even more for users to find the right articles. These can be printed with a laser printer.

Compatible with modules and baskets

The label holders can be fitted easily and quickly on all modules, baskets and dividers.

The label holder can be completed with a transparent cover, an insert, a self-adhesive label and a Scanslide Kanban (all to be ordered separately).