PC modules & baskets – type B

Our injection moulded polycarbonate (PC) modules and baskets are extremely impact-resistant, durable and transparent due to the carefully selected raw and other materials combined with continuous quality control throughout the entire production process.

Product sheet

The standard ISO external dimensions, i.e. 600 x 400 mm, ensure that the modules can be used in all our storage and transport systems, medical care and medication distribution carts. The modules are available in heights of 50 and 100 mm and can be subdivided by means of PC dividers.

These baskets form the main building blocks of the FIFO system.

Product characteristics

Technical information

Polycarbonate (PC) has excellent mechanical properties, superior to those of ABS, acryl or polypropylene.

The PC modules have a load-bearing capacity of 35 kg and are extremely break-resistant when exposed to sudden, high impact situations.


The PC modules offer an orderly and ergonomic solution with due regard for space-saving aspects.

As they are completely transparent, users can immediately see what they contain.


Polycarbonate can withstand temperatures of between -40°C and +120°C, with the result that our baskets can be sanitized at a temperature of up to 120°.

If necessary, the modules can also be put through a steam tunnel.

Built-in stop

To ensure the sturdiness of the stop and to dispense with any extra fitting work, the modules and baskets, including the double stop, have been molded in 1 piece. The stops work perfectly in the liners which are used in our modular storage and transport systems.

These liners have built-in angles to allow modules to be tipped at 10° to provide a better overview of the contents.

PC dividers

The dividers of the baskets click into the open sides and are thus extremely well secured. The dividers of the closed modules slot into grooves.

The PC dividers for the modules can be shortened to create a range of compartments. The dividers are inter-secured by means of a T connection.


The modules and baskets come with a level bearing edge to ensure that they easily slide across the runners of cabinets, carts and racks. Due to their straight sides, you will not lose out on volume. The closed base of the modules prevents liquids dripping through the base and small items of equipment slipping through.

Baskets of the same length and width can be nested to save space when not in use.