Open Modular transport trolleys

Our ISO transport trolleys, based on Euronorm 400 x 600 mm, have been specifically designed to transport goods between the various units.

They allow logistics staff, pharmacists and nursing staff to easily transfer modular trays from the storage system to the trolleys and vice versa.

When fitted with a cover, the goods in the ISO trolley will remain protected and secure during transport.

Product sheet

Product characteristics

Bact-o-stop coating

The trolley has been manufactured from steel, finished with a white, high-gloss polyester lacquer coating, which is both UV and solvent-resistant.

To prevent all common bacteria from multiplying, we added the silver compound BACT-O-STOP to the powder lacquer we use to coat these trolleys.


The runners consist of a U and an L profile. They are compatible with all the common Euronorm trays, baskets and shelves. Modular baskets or trays simply slide into the U profile; the L profile has been designed to accommodate baskets with a high edge (Medibox containers).


Our ISO trolleys come with 4 x Ø 125 mm swivel castors of which the 2 front ones are fitted with brakes.