Winncare Moray Combo Hybrid™

We have worked with key organisations and partners across the globe, in order to develop the very latest hybrid mattress technology – Moray Combo Hybrid™ react. Designed, manufactured and sold by Winncare – this product is designed with specific consideration towards heel damage and comfort for users at the heart of it’s capabilities. (patented technology)

Winncare Moray Combo Hybrid™

The usual benefits of a “hybrid” are naturally evident, providing a speedy delivery from a very high risk static mattress to that of a dynamic in a matter of seconds. As evidence suggests that heel damage can often be exacerbated with the use of true alternating system.

Winncare has chosen to uniquely combine a static “anti shear wave management” device. When bed profiling occurs, even when adopting the Fowler position, heel damage can still occur. This unique patent pending design provides an innovative solution for Health care professionals, whilst coupling true comfort for patients.

Product features of Moray Combo Hybrid™

  • Fully Welded, Multi stretch – vapour permeable fabric Allows high moisture vapour transfer rate (MVTR), maximising airflow to patient skin surface. This keeps skin dry and reduces susceptibility to tissue damage. Hospital grade polyurethane (PU) fabric coating, designed for resistance to regular cleaning.
  • Leading Design / Safer Heel Solution – The clinically proven lower leg section, redistributes pressure from the heel to the upper leg (calve). This design utilises a greater surface area (Pressure=Force/Area), thus creating minimal heel to surface contact.
  • CME Foam surround & base – Maintains pelvic stability for transfer and aids moving and handling processes.
  • High Quality Foam Filled Cell Technology – Foam filled, alternating cells that automatically inflate to a comfort level in line with the very best pressure relieving surfaces.
  • Active Therapy Mode (WITH CONTROL UNIT) – A digital Control unit with a patented whisper compressor can also be fitted to the mattress, which in turn provides dual mode pressure therapy with an option of alternating or CLP (Constant low pressure). Both modes are used to upgrade therapy from that of a very high risk static mattress.
  • Comfort Mode Selection –  The digital Control unit offers the latest in technology, an auto lock ensures no tampering however 5 simple options of Soft/Medium and Firm, CLP (Constant low pressure) and max inflate for Patients who maybe sat up over a longer period of time.
  • Clever Hose Management Chamber – The Hose Management Chamber offers a completely enclosed compartment inside the mattress cover, removing all potential for infection and damage through misuse.
  • Unique CPR Function / Actions – There is no requirement to frantically search for the CPR function in an emergency. Simply detach the mattress from the pump and commence CPR. Due to the nature of foam filled cells under low pressure, then CPR can also be administered whilst inflated.
  • Easy Transportation – Workplace Health and Safety handles are integrated into the sides of the mattress cover, which assists in easy relocation for maintenance staff. Handles are positioned under the protecting “cover-flap” for effective infection control.

Technical information for Moray Combo Hybrid™

Risk Category Very High Risk (up to and including Grade IV pressure ulcer)
Advisory Weight Limits 40 stone or 254 kgs
Mattress Dimensions 198cm x 88cm x 16cm (sloping to 9cm at Heel end) – (suitable for most hospital / homecare beds, although other sizes available upon request)
Mattress Weight <9kgs
Cycle Time 1 in 2
Cell Alternation Cycle 11.5 mins
Noise Output Ultra-low – 45db
Pump Style Digital