Tambour transport carts

The transport carts with roller shutter are used primarily in the hospital pharmacy, the logistics flow to and from the OR and transport to and from departments.

The tambour transport cart can also be a solution for medication distribution in larger departments.

Product sheet

As a storage device for sterile, non-sterile items and medication, these tambour carts are a mobile solution for all hospital departments.

The transport carts come standard in light grey.

Product characteristics

Synthetic roll-down shutter

The cart is equipped with a push button for easy, ergonomic opening of the roll-down shutter. The shutter is retracted in one continuous movement into a closed unit which prevents dirt from interfering with the system.

If necessary the roll-down shutter can be removed from the transport cart for intensive cleaning.


The synthetic roll-down shutter comes with an aluminum handle that spans the entire width. With this handle the shutter can be opened and closed safely and ergonomically.


The electronic lock is a standard feature. It locks the push button in the closed position and can be opened with a 4-digit code. The push button and the electronic keypad lock are right below the unit’s top.

The electronic lock can be used up to 80,000 times with one set of batteries. When the batteries are dead the cart can still be opened with an emergency key.

Synthetic cover plate

The sleek cover plate, manufactured out of synthetic material, consists of one continuous surface. There are no sharp edges, which makes the cover plate easy to clean.

The cover plate is scratch-proof, suitable for all common cleaning products and disinfectants and is UV- and heat-resistant.


The side and back panels are extremely durable, as they are scratch-proof and maintenance-friendly and have an excellent strength/weight ratio.

The HPL finish makes this an ideal material for the medical sector.


The castors meet the highest quality standards, and the design is the result of years of expertise.

The carts are equipped with Tente® swivel casters with a diameter of 125 mm, one with a brake and one with a swivel directional fix (antistatic). Upon request the cart can also be equipped with double wheels (extra option).


The transport carts are equipped with four bumpers to prevent damage to doors and walls.