Steri-ID loop

The Steri-ID loop consists of a silicon loop in which an RFID tag is embedded.

Product sheet

The Steri-ID loop is a high quality complementary technology to the traditional process with barcode stickers for the tracing of the contents of sterilisation containers and Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays.

Barcode stickers are easily damaged, become illegible and hence regularly need to be removed and replaced. The embedded tag however is resistant to washing and sterilization conditions in the autoclave (high temperatures, steam and vacuum) as well as to the most common chemicals used in hospitals. Therefore it can be used for over 400 cycles.

Product characteristics

Steri-ID tag integrated

The built-in Steri-ID tag is based on ISO 15693 technology. The open platform allows you to choose from different suppliers of RFID writing and reading technologies.

The Steri-ID tag can be scanned through the sterilization packaging; hence no direct viewing is required to trace the contents during the entire sterilization process.

Different colours

The Steri-ID loops are available in different colours. Herewith different standard surgical sets can be created and visually identified for example for gynecology, orthopedics,… or the sterilisation containers or Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays can be distinguished for the various campuses operating under the same CSSD.

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