Sterisystem® Dry-Base® Steri-ID instrument trays

Our Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays with integrated Steri-ID are made in accordance with the same quality criteria as our standard Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays.

Product sheet

The integrated Steri-ID HF RFID tag is a high quality complementary technology to the traditional process with barcode stickers used to keep track of the contents of Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays.

These stickers are easily damaged, become illegible and as such regularly need to be removed and replaced. The embedded tag how-ever is resistant to washing and sterilization  conditions in the autoclave (high temperatures, steam and vacuum) as well as to the most common chemicals used in hospitals. Therefore it can be used for over 400 cycles.

Product characteristics

Different sizes and colours

The Steri-ID instrument tray is available in different standard sizes and colours. Herewith different standard surgical sets can be created and visually identified for example for gynecology, orthopedics,… or the surgical sets for the various campuses operating under the same CSSD can be distinguished.

The Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays are equipped with two handles and have a load-bearing capacity of 15 kg.

Integrated Steri-ID tag

The built-in Steri-ID tag is based on ISO 15693 technology. The open platform allows you to choose from different suppliers of RFID writing and reading technologies.

The Steri-ID tag can be scanned through the sterilization packaging; hence no direct viewing is required to trace the contents during the entire sterilization process.

Quality control

All our baskets are submitted to a quality control by a special control tool. The base of every basket is meticulously checked to make sure that the mesh is uniform in size. This is vital of course to ensure that the instruments remain firmly in place.

Baskets which do not comply with the dimensional or quality standards are rejected during the quality control.

Punch pattern

The fine 2 mm holes of the punch pattern ensure a permeability of more than 50%, which is only beneficial for the washing process. As steam and water can readily penetrate during the washing and sterilization processes, a maximum result is guaranteed.

The sides protect the instruments against damage and are suitable for extra fine instruments.


The smooth base remains in full contact with any condensation moisture left on the packaging. Subsequently radiation, convection or conduction can heat or evaporate this condensation moisture.

Top wire

The top wire is plasma-welded on to the sides of the basket. This results in a perfectly finished product without any sharp edges, which reduces the risk of perforations during unpacking to a minimum.

The top wire is designed in such a way that no dirt can harbor between the sides and the top wire.

Material and shape

The Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays are made off AISI 304L grade stainless steel and come with an electrolytically polished finish. The composition of the material is checked by an external knowledge center.

The Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays have been manufactured in such a way that no cavities are created which could harbor dirt.

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