Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays

Our Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays have been manufactured from highly polished AISI 304L grade stainless steel.

Product sheet

Our continuous quality control throughout the production process guarantees quality and dimensional stability. Therefore we offer a 10 year warranty on all our Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays.

Thanks to their smooth and dimensionally stable base, you can rest assured that all your instruments will firmly stay in place. Careful attention has been paid to preventing perforations in packaging and great thought has been put into helping you optimise your sterilisation process.

Product characteristics

Punch pattern

The fine, 2 mm holes made by the punch pattern guarantee a permeability of more than 50%, which can only benefit the washing process. As steam and water can readily penetrate during the sterilisation and washing process, an optimum result is guaranteed.

The sides protect the instruments against damage and have been designed to accommodate extra fine instruments.


The smooth, dry base completely traps any condensation moisture that may stick to the packaging. This ensures that condensation moisture can heat up or evaporate under the influence of radiation, convection or conduction.

Our Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays come with a perfectly finished, top wire which reduces the chance of perforations to a minimum.

Quality control tool

For quality-assurance purposes, all our trays are put through a special quality control tool. To make sure that the mesh is uniform in size, the base over every tray is meticulously checked, which is vital of course if we want to ensure that your instruments remain firmly in place.

Baskets that do not meet the dimensional or quality standards are rejected during quality control.

Top wire

The upper wire is made from plasma that has been welded on to the sides of the tray. This results in a beautifully finished product that is devoid of any sharp edges and dispenses with the risk of perforations during unpacking. The upper wire also ensures that the top of the tray cannot become contaminated by dirt.

Universal sizes

Both the DIN and ISO Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays come in universal sizes and fit perfectly into the Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire trays.

Our Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays are fitted with 2 handles and have a load-bearing capacity of 15 kg.


The Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays are manufactured from AISI 304L grade stainless steel and come with an electrolytically polished finish. The composition of the material is checked by an external knowledge centre.


The Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays have been manufactured in such a way that you will never have to worry about holes or cavities that could harbour dirt.

Bar code zone

For identification and traceability purposes, the Sterisystem® Dry-Base® instrument trays come with a bar code zone.

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