CSSD Packing Tables

These height-adjustable packing tables have mainly been designed with people packing instrument sets in the central sterilisation unit in mind.

Product sheet

Our packing table allows your staff to work in an ergonomic fashion as the height can be adjusted to the type of task that needs to be performed and to people’s anatomy and personal preferences. Thanks to the table’s flexibility, staff can get on with their business in the most optimum working position.

The packing tables are shipped dismantled and should be assembled by your distributor’s or your own technical staff.

Product characteristics

Easily height adjustable

The height of the table can be set to anything between 765 mm and 1265 mm.

The height setting control comes with three different memory settings, allowing you to program a range of positions, which will prove very convenient if the same workstation is used by a number of people. The controls are located right underneath the worktop and are easy to reach.


Aside from sockets, UTP and compressed air, the superstructure can also accommodate a range of accessories.

All CSSD Packing Tables come standard with 220V electrical supplies, if another type of electrical supply is required, this should be sourced locally.

Options and accessories marked with an * are intended for mounting during the production process, not afterwards.


The worktop is available in various sizes and finishes. Depending on the intended use, we can offer you a choice between HPL, stainless steel and HP laminate.

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