Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire shelves

Our Sterisystem® highly polished Perfo-Safe® wire shelves are the perfect solution if you need to sterilise, transport and store diverse sterilisation packs.

Product sheet

They are available in standard sizes : DIN (300 x 600 mm), ISO (400 x 600 mm) and for larger sterilisation packs in double DIN (600 x 600 mm).

Manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and finished to perfection, these wire trays meet the most stringent CSSD and OR requirements because the number of touchpoints of wrapped instrument trays is reduced to just one after sterilisation. This decreases the risk for tears, cuts and holes of the wrapping. These Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire shelves are an indispensable part of sterile storage and transport.

Product characteristics


The Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire shelves have been fitted with 2 handles that have been seamlessly incorporated into the outer edge. These handles ensure that the wire trays are easy and ergonomic to manipulate.


The Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire shelves have been designed in such a way that any welds have been kept to an absolute minimum.

They have been manufactured in accordance with the most stringent quality standards. Wire trays with welding burrs, gaps, wire distortions or discolourations in the welding work are not allowed.

Rounded structure

Our Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire shelves are devoid of any sharp edges or welding burrs that could cause tears, cuts and holes in packaging.

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