Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire baskets

Our Sterisystem® highly polished stainless steel Perfo-Safe® wire baskets, which are available in ISO (400 x 600 mm) and DIN (300 x 600 mm) sizes, are a safe and hygienic means to transport and store sterile packs.

Product sheet

As a sterilisation, transport and storage component, these stainless steel Sterisystem Perfo-Safe® wire baskets will prove to be an invaluable tool in your instrument set sterilisation process. As a matter of fact they reduce the number of touchpoints of the packaged instrument sets to just one after sterilisation. This reduces the risk for tears, cuts and holes in the packaging material. These Sterisystem® Perfo-Safe® wire baskets are an indispensable part of sterile storage and transport.

Product characteristics

More sets per sterilisation cycle

With the new DIN baskets you save quite some space in the autoclave. This thanks to the gain in width on the one hand, and the possibility of stacking them on top of each other on the other hand.

The paTente®d design – with cutaways in the sides – guarantees that the instrument tray can be lifted ergonomically out of the wire basket.

Compatible UBeFlex® DIN runners for storage

The new DIN baskets are stored on top of the DIN runners in the notch provided for this purpose. This DIN runner is also suitable for the DIN Perfo-Safe® wire shelf.

This allows you to combine DIN wire baskets with DIN wire shelves according to your needs.

Save space in transport

You can position two DIN baskets in the “W” (wide) direction after each other in the Belintra Sterisystem® closed transport cart. By doing so you can double the number of sets per level.

Stackable and nestable

Without the addition of extra handles, the baskets are not only stackable, they are also nestable, making them more user-friendly and safer (no fear of fingers getting jammed).

By nesting the baskets which are not in use, you save costly space.

Outstanding quality

The baskets have been manufactured in accordance with the most stringent quality standards. Baskets with welding burrs, gaps, wire distortions or discolourations in the welding work never see the light of day. Our baskets are devoid of any sharp edges or welding burrs which could cause tears in packaging.

For hygiene purposes, the upper edge features one single wire only instead of two.

Increased patient safety

These Sterisystem Perfo-Safe® wire baskets are ideal if you wish to follow the basket-in-basket system to sterilise, transport and store your packaged Sterisystem Dry-Base® instrument trays. As the packaged instrument tray is stored in a wire basket, direct contact with the sterile instrument set is avoided.

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