Stockart CoolSMART

Cold Chain Management

CoolSMART® is an integral part of MedSMART® solutions, which enables the management of cold chain medication safely. With CoolSMART®, the continuity of the cold chain for the medication in the services is monitored online by the pharmacy with continuous temperature and humidity monitoring. When the refrigerator temperature deviates from the reference values, CoolSMART® sends a warning to the pharmacy and records all temperature changes in accordance with the reporting.


A Secure Cold Chain Management with MedNest®:

MedNest® is a product that can be used to replace external fridge lock attached to ADC’s, for hospitals that prefer higher controlled access based on cold chain medications. The MedNest® Smart Drawer Unit is placed in the refrigerators used in hospitals. The probe enables the temperature of coolers to be monitored and sends warnings for out-of-limit values. In small warehouse areas where it is not feasible in terms of return on investment to establish an automated med dispensing cabinet, MedNest® enables cold chain medications to be managed with high security by connecting over the SMARTWard® open system.  The system provides a scalable investment opportunity for cold chain medications.