Stockart DualSMART Mobile

Mobile Medication and Supply Management System

DualSMART® Mobile is a mobile half height medication and supply management system station which brings together MedSMART® and SupplySMART® on a single platform and allows medication and medical supplies to be managed from a single station.

DualSMART® Mobile has all the features of MedSMART® and SupplySMART®, supplies are managed with Take-Return technology, while medications are managed in mid and high security drawers.

STOCKART® solutions for your organization; increase in health care quality and patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction promotion, traceable and reportable process analysis, long-term planning capability and maintenance quality. It creates value for all health professionals by providing cost savings to be achieved.

System Features

  • Effective and user friendly
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply up to 2 hours
  • 17” Monitor
  • Emergency Access Drawers
  • Secure access with FingerPass Bio ID Authentication System
  • Integrated Thermal Printer
  • Integration to intelligent labelling systems
  • Take – Return