Stockart NarcSafe

Management of Controlled Medications

The tracking and tracing of controlled medication is highly important in terms of both legal regulations and patient safety. Mandatory rules made by regulating institutions are  also highly compelling to make sure that the management of controlled medication is done accurately. NarcSafe® supports safe tracking and tracing of controlled medications through all steps of the workflow, starting from goods-receipt by the warehouse through to the administration of medication to the patient. NarcSafe® is stationed within the pharmacy. NarcSafe® is integrated into and operates with other STOCKART® main stations, therefore manual recording of transactions are eliminated. NarcSafe® provides traceability and control of all transactions during the management process of controlled medications.

During the receipt of goods, all controlled medication is placed inside the NarcSafe® Station with its metal doors. Transactions can if so desired require the presence of a witness. NarcSafe® Station can either issue medication directly to a patient or replenish other STOCKART® Main Stations. The STOCKART® Main Station can create automatic Picklists for controlled medication, on NarcSafe® Stations. In compliance with the chain of custody the STOCKART® Main Station is automatically notified of the Picklist to be collected from the NarcSafe® Station in the pharmacy.