Stockart SMART Camera

Integrated Smart Camera

SMART Camera is an optional component that can work in integration with STOCKART® Med and Supply Management Cabinets.


The camera is automatically activated in actions that involve the opening of doors/drawers at the stations and the recording stops when the door/drawer closes again. The camera also keeps records to determine the source of manual intervention of the Sliding Drawer.

A time stamp is created on the system to match the video record with the open/close transaction. If more than one door/drawer is opened at the same time the camera will record each of the door/drawer open/close transaction separately.

Time interval the camera record files will be kept can be defined system, facility or station basis. The camera records that have exceeded the period assigned to the station can be achieved.

The camera records can be accessed through the SMARTCenter central application. All the records specified below can be accessed thanks to the SMART Camera;

  • All of the camera records from the very first inventory record of the item until a discrepancy occurs
  • All door/drawer open/close actions for a certain item
  • All other open/close actions for a certain door/drawer that the item is in
  • Manual intervention records

With the SMART Camera,

  • Inventory consistency and product security can be developed
  • Sources of discrepancy can be determined with the highest accuracy
  • Human error can be detected and solutions for improvement can be developed
  • Deterrence against abuse can be established