Stockart DualSMART

Automated Medication and Supply Management System

DualSMART®, brings together MedSMART® and SupplySMART® on a single platform and allows medication and supplies to be managed from a single station and a single touch screen.

It has all the features of MedSMART® and SupplySMART® and while supplies are managed with Take-Return technology and medications are managed order-based.
Medications and supplies available at stations

DualSMART Brochure

System Components Brochure

Highlights of the System

DualSMART® allows medication and supplies to be managed from a single station and a single touch screen. You can further equip your DualSMART® medication and supply management system station with additional technologies such as the Sliding DrawerSMARTCamera and High Control High Capacity mode.

With Sliding Drawer technology, which is a medication management solution, it removes the necessity for different drawer designs. The Sliding Drawer allows access to medication at different security levels with its diversified mode options which are Multi Mode and Uniq Mode in line with the variety and volume required. Multi Mode is configured so that each pocket contains more than one dose of a single medication, while Uniq Mode is configured to contain a single dose of medication.

SMARTCamera is an optional component that can work in integration with DualSMART® medication and supply management stations. With SMARTCamera, Inventory consistency and product security can be developed, and a further deterrent against abuse can herewith be established.

The Take-Return Button feature provides a rapidly access to and return of consumable and medical supplies. The High Control High Capacity feature is standard mode provided with the product. With this feature products requiring high-level security with a low stock turnover and high cost supplies can be managed securely.  These types of supplies are only accessible by authorized users with increased security. All these features can be managed on the same platform on a individual door basis.

With DualSMART®, provides you with the opportunity to meet two needs on a single platform for your institution and has many more security features, you will not be compromising on security while saving on medication and supply costs.

Advantages of the System

  • Reduction in medication errors
  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in nursing time in medication and supply management
  • Increase in time spared for clinical applications by pharmacist in medication management
  • Prevention of expired medication/supply waste
  • Shortening in first dose administration time
  • Reduction in IV liquids consumption
  • Opportunity for Lot No. and Serial No. follow up
  • Follow up of consignment, re-use and bill-only materials
  • Increase in compliance with International Healthcare Accreditations
  • Saving in medication and supply expenditures