Stockart MedSMART Compact

Automated Medication Management System

MedSMART® Compact is the new solution in the STOCKART® Medication Management System series, enabling healthcare institutions to use their spaces more efficiently with its smaller dimensions. It offers significant solutions in a compact size with powerful performance.

MedSMART® Compact Brochure

Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals without compromising on security standards, the system is equipped with familiar features but now in a more compact form! In short, MedSMART® Compact , with its small dimensions, is ideal for those seeking practical solutions in healthcare organizations.

MedSMART® Compact is an automated medication management system that optimizes medication processes, allowing for the tracking of medications from the pharmacy to services and individual patients. It enhances patient safety and care quality while reducing hospital costs. Apart from its compact size, MedSMART® Compact has the same functionalities as the MedSMART® Full Height Medication Management System.

Advantages of the System

  • Reduction in medication errors
  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in medication expenditures
  • Saving in nursing time in medication management
  • Increase in time spared for clinical applications by pharmacist in medication management
  • Prevention of expired medication waste
  • Shortening in first dose administration time
  • Reduction in IV liquids consumption
  • Increase in compliance with International Healthcare Accreditations