Stockart MedTower

Automated Medication Management System
Auxilary Cabinet Unit

The Med Tower enables medicationss to be monitored in real-time, from pharmacy to services and per patient, by optimizing pharmacy medication management processes; It is an automatic medication management system that reduces the costs of the hospital while increasing the quality of patient safety and care and works depending on the base station unit.

The Med Tower auxilary cabin units at the hospital’s services are configured for each service based on the number of beds, medication consumption habits, medication management workflow and nurse numbers of the service.

System Features

  • Reduction in medication errors
  • Increase in patient safety and quality of healthcare
  • Saving in medication expenditures
  • Saving in nursing time in medication management
  • Increase in time spared for clinical applications by pharmacist in medication management
  • Prevention of expired medication waste
  • Shortening in first dose administration time
  • Reduction in IV liquids consumption
  • Increase in compliance with International Healthcare Accreditations