Tipper Tub

This innovative mobile baby bath enhances caregiver ergonomics by eliminating the need to manually lift and carry heavy bowls of water.

The integrated lifting column allows the tub to be raised to the height of the sink or drain where it is then tilted and emptied without strain.

The bowl is ergonomically shaped, heat-insulated to retain the warmth of the water and one piece to make cleaning exceptionally easy.

It is also available in a wide choice of fresh, modern colours.


The adjustable height range of the Tipper Tub baby bath is 850mm to 1,100mm, enabling it to be positioned perfectly above any receiving sink or drain.

It is easily placed into position on wheels and is safely locked with the brakes.

The tub is then tilted by using the crank handle to elevate the head end and allow the water to drain. This design eliminates the need to lift and carry heavy bowls of water and even touch the water as it is emptied.

The unique shape of the tub also incorporates an anti-surge design to ensure the water exits the tub smoothly without excessive splashing or dumping.


The smooth interior of the tub is exceptionally easy to clean with a one-piece finish that is free of any joint or edges. It makes wiping and drying the tub a simple task.

The adjustable lifting column and tilt handle are made of stainless steel.


The ergonomically shaped, double-walled bath is thermally insulated and the ideal bath solution for infants in the first weeks.

The tub has a PU foam core to help it retain heat and keep the water temperature warmer for longer.

The sturdy base is made of GRP and the tub can be flexibly positioned and used in any room thanks to the four lockable wheels.