Linet Virtuoso® 300

The Virtuoso with Head & Heel Zoner Air mattress system has been designed to meet the most demanding nursing needs when caring for patients with a risk of pressure ulcers. Virtuoso with 3-cell technology provides the benefits of Zero Pressure for maximum prevention and regular application and removal of pressure for maximum therapy.

The model also contains the head and heel zoner and alternating air base. It offers maximum prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for high risk patients.

The solution for ICU

The mattress is based on 3-cell technology with Zero Pressure.

3-cell technology

The patient body weight is distributed evenly across two thirds of the surface thus allowing the mattress to be soft and comfortable without compromising its clinical outcome. Moreover, since only one third of the surface is active at a time (inflating/deflating) it provides optimum stable support to the body enabling maximum pressure relief.

4 working modes

1. Alternating Pressure Therapy Mode is intended to be used as an aid to patient care in prevention and treatment of skin breakdown related to pressure damage.

2. Max inflate presents firm and stable support for patient care. After 30 minutes it automatically switches to the alternating mode to prevent the risk of pressure ulcers.

3. Constant low pressure mode keeps the mattress pressure at the selected level. The pressure is checked every 30 seconds and adjusted if necessary.

4. Transport mode facilitates the transport of the patient in the bed as the mattress remains inflated when disconnected from the SCU.

Head and heel zoner

The head zoner provides a choice of alternating or static modes to suit the needs of your patient. The cell deflation function supports specialist or day-to-day procedures such as intubation or hair washing. The heel zoner is a selective deflation feature to maximise pressure elimination in the very high risk area of the patient’s heels. It also aides muscle flexing to help prevent ‘heel drop’ in highly immobile patients.

Thanks to the head zoner it is possible to place the patient in the prone position, which is comfortable. It is used in connection with pulmonary pathology in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (severe ARDS).

Microclimate management (MCM)

In the context of pressure ulcers, microclimate usually refers to skin temperature and moisture conditions at the skin-support surface interface. Virtuoso helps maintain the natural thermoregulation by circulating air through the mattress surface. It helps manage humidity of a patient’s skin in order to help prevent or assist in the treatment of tissue damage related to moisture on the skin.

Zero Pressure

Virtuoso with 3-cell technology provides the benefits of Zero Pressure for maximum prevention and regular application and removal of pressure for maximum therapy.

7.5 minute cycle

None of the patients who moved more than 56 times during the night developed tissue damage. This frequency is equivalent to about one movement every 7.5 minutes.

24h care

With the 2-cell alternating seating cushion the patient is always protected. The optional alternating pressure dynamic seat cushion facilitates 24-hour care and uses the same system control unit as the mattress. SCU automatically changes to cushion mode when the cushion is connected, no manual adjustment is required.


Virtuoso Head Heel Zoner provides many features specifically to enhance the safety of all who come into contact with this product.


Operated by one hand, CPR enables rapid deflation for emergency situations and is accompanied by visual and audio alarms to prevent inadvertent use.

Cable management

The easy to use cable management system eliminates the tripping hazard for staff and visitors. Also reduced potential power cable damage increases equipment availability and decreases repair costs.

Fowler Boost

Pressure increases in the seat and back sections automatically and linearly when the backrest is adjusted between 11 and 46 degrees.

GO Button

Locks out controls when they have not been used for 3 minutes lowering the chance of human errors and accidental operation.

System control unit

The Virtuoso system control unit (SCU) is designed with ergonomics and ease of handling in mind. It is easy to carry and to mount on the bed. The simple to use front panel controls with clear graphical symbols makes operation easy to learn and remember. It is possible to connect 6 different mattresses and 1 alternating seat cushion to 1 single SCU.

Technical parameters

 Mattress dimension  Length (mm) 2.000
 Width (mm) 900
 Depth (mm) 230
 Weight (kg) 12
 Misc.  Number of cells 20
 Maximum patient weight (kg) 254


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