Linet Eleganza 5

Discover the new LINET bed Eleganza 5. The bed helps to maintain vital signs of the patient and enables staff to treat the patient safely and with minimal effort with the help of highly sophisticated features and functions.

Art of turning

Innovative tilting technology with smooth columns helps turn the patient gently with less physical effort.

  • The nurse will carry out routine nursing procedures ergonomically and effortlessly.
  • Helps to improve pressure injury prevention – regular patient positioning is therefore easy.
  • New technology: smooth bed tilting for even more sensitive care.

Art of safety

Sophisticated safety features controlled by the monitoring system

  • Safety under control – The BedMonitor system continuously monitors the main safety features of all beds in the department.
  • Siderails Concept – Reduced side space needed for siderails release.
  • i-Brake – The automatic brake prevents falls caused by the unstable bed, especially during bed exit.
  • Safe Stop – Prevention of injuries due to crushing by the lowered mattress platform.
  • Multizone bed exit alarm – Fall prevention by monitoring the patient’s motion activity and presence in the bed.
  • 30 degree autostop – The automatic backrest stop at 30 degrees helps to improve respiration.
  • Lowest height – The lowest bed height helps to minimize the severity of fall consequences.

Art of mobilisation

New progressive features work in symbiosis for early patient mobilization.

MobiLift® – The patient controls the bed height using the MobiLift® handle.
MobiRails – Ergonomically shaped handles in siderails.
Lateral Tilt – The height setting and side tilt will assist the patient’s bed exit.

Art of positioning

  • Cardiac chair position – Provides relief during respiratory problems and is very pleasant for the patient when reading, eating or watching television.
  • Fowler position 30/30 with Ergoframe – Equal pressure distribution for skin damage prevention. Minimized friction and shear effect during thighrest and backrest elevation. Less pressure load on the tissue due to the extended pelvic area space.
  • Tilt table position – Improves the patient’s breathing and maintains arterial blood pressure at a more stable range.
  • Vascular position – A position with legs at heart level: optimized venous return and positive impact on swelling (edema) reduction. Help in back ache relief.
  • Full vascular position – Full access for skin inspection & wound care in the heel area. Passive Leg Raise (PLR) – a clinical technique that is only used when ordered by a physician to assess fluid status without the use of a central line.

Art of communication

Smart technology and bed connectivity for a new way of communication.

  • Bedmonitor system – Using sensors built into the bed it monitors the settings of the safety parameters.
  • Connectivity – Using the integration module the bed sends the necessary data to the hospital information system. Wifi or LAN connection.

Technical parameters

External dimensions 219 ×100 cm
Bed extension 22 cm
Mattress dimension 208 x 90 cm
Siderail Height above Mattress Platform 45 cm
Height adjustment 43.5 – 81.5 cm
Lateral tilt 15°
TR/ATR tilt 14°/14°
Safe working load 250 kg

Practical details

  • Foot controls
    Practical foot controls for the easy handling of patients
  • Horizontal corner bumpers
    Protect the bed
  • Mattress platform
    An easily removable and cleanable mattress platform
  • Mechanical CPR
    Additional option to electrical CPR for urgent use
  • 5th castor
    Increases the flexibility of manoeuvring the bed in small spaces. Makes driving the bed easier along long corridors
  • Integrated patient controls
    With illuminated keyboards
  • Bed ends
    Ergonomically shaped bed ends for easy transport

Basic positioning and adjustments

  • Height adjustment motors
  • TR/ATR tilt adjustment motors
  • Lateral tilt adjustment motors
  • Backrest adjustment motor
  • Thighrest adjustment motor
  • Calfrest adjustment motor
  • Bed extension motor

Control Elements

  • iBoard in both head side rails
  • Patient controls in the side rails illuminated
  • Handset
  • Supervisor panel
  • Foot controls

Side Rails Concept

  • Plastic split side rails with integrated controls
  • Safe gap concept (entrapment prevention)
  • Side rails down sensors

Mattress Platform

  • 4-section mattress platform
  • Ergoframe
  • Removable plastic covers
  • X-ray translucent (option) backrest

General Concept

The column unit is patented. The bed’s unique construction base provides great stability and guarantees continued functionality when loaded to 250 kg (safe working load)

Bed ends

  • Removable plastic bed ends with E5 design
  • Bed ends with safety locks

Mobilisation elements

  • Mobi-Lift handles

Castors and brakes

  • 4 castors 150 mm Tente Integral
  • 4 double castors 150 mm Tente Integral (O)
  • Central castors control adjustable from 4 points
  • Retractable 5th castor i-drive (O)
  • Automatic brake i-brake (O)

Special features

  • Integrated scales
  • Multi Zone Bed Exit Alarm
  • Nurse call (O)
  • Safe stop (O)
  • Night light
  • Digital angle indicator
  • Bed monitor

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