Closed stainless steel transport carts

Our closed, washing-tunnel-resistant stainless steel transport carts are manufactured based on the ISO standard dimensions of 600 x 400 mm.

Product sheet

The carts are fitted with a lock with breakable seal, bumpers on the bottom, top and back, and identification holders on the front and sides.

This cart is ideal for transporting sterile sets from the external sterilization unit to the operating theatre. Used sets can also be transported from the hospital to the sterilization unit.

Product characteristics


The transport cart is washing-tunnel-resistant. The runners can be removed from the cart for optimum cleaning.

The base plate and top plate are sloped to prevent any residual moisture after drying.

Door fixation

The doors of these stainless steel transport carts swivel open to 270° and are locked in the open position by a catch underneath the bumper. This ensures that the doors remain fixed in open position during the washing process.

The height (1500 mm) allows the user to see over the top of the cart during transport.

Optimal loading

The carts are equipped guides for each ISO column. These provide 9 useful positions depending on whether the instrument sets are being transported with ISO Perfo-Safe® wire shelves, wire baskets or wire shelves with raised edge (see comparative table).

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