Sterisystem® closed Stericart

Our Sterisystem® closed, washing-tunnel-resistant stainless steel Stericarts are manufactured based on the double DIN standard dimensions of 300 x 600 mm, with the idea of being able to use 2 DIN positions one after the other. The 50 mm extra depth at the back means that this transport cart can also be used for sterile transport of slightly longer sets.

Product sheet

These Belintra Sterisystem® closed Stericarts are characterized by yellow runners, plastic bumpers, handlebars and latch.

The low model (1100 mm) can double as a sterile field in the operating theatre. This case cart is a universal space-saving transport device. It is suitable for 2 DIN wire baskets or shelves or 1 ISO wire basket or shelf per level. The new “Extra-Wide” model can serve to transport packages up to 950 x 600 mm.

Product characteristics

Wash tunnel resistant

The Sterisystem® case carts are designed in such a way to prevent any residual moisture after drying. The synthetic runners are also wash tunnel resistant. Unlike stainless steel runners, the high quality plastic ensures smooth running and substantial noise reduction when sliding stainless steel transport baskets or trays or plastic modules in and out. Moreover, the synthetic runners protect wrapped instrument trays against perforations and absorb noise during transport.


The doors of these stainless steel transport carts swivel open to 270° and click onto the side walls with magnets when in the open position. This ensures that the cart is easy to access.

The high model still allows the user to see over the top of the cart during transport. The low model can also be used as a case cart with a sterile field in the operating theatre.

Optimum loading and space-saving

The high case carts are equipped with 18 pairs of runners and the low case carts with 11 pairs. Thanks to the high number of positions, the loading is optimised without losing out on space.

Transporting the instruments on DIN Perfo-Safe® wire shelves or in DIN Perfo-Safe® wire baskets allows you to double the capacity per level.


The cart can be sealed at the front with a breakable seal, to guarantee sterility from the sterilization unit to the operating theatre and also avoid contamination during the transport back.

It is recommended that the packed instrument baskets are placed on silicone anti-slip mats to prevent movement during transport and to reduce noise levels.


The transport carts feature a document holder on the side (A4) as standard to ensure that the carts and their contents can be identified from the outside.


The transport carts are equipped with four double Tente® swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm. The front right castor is fitted with a brake and the rear left castor with a directional lock. The castors are equipped with a wheel hub on stainless steel bearings.

The carts are equipped with four bumpers to prevent damage to doors and walls.

Cart washer resistant magnets

The Sterisystem® stainless steel transport cart is equipped with 4 sets (2 sets per door) of cart washer resistant neodymium magnets which are embedded in a silicone housing. Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnet on earth.

The design of the silicone housing allows for a perfect alignment of the magnets resulting in optimal connection power between the magnets and guaranteeing that the doors will remain open during the cleaning process in the cart washer.


The low Sterisystem® transport carts are equipped with 1 horizontal yellow handlebar along each side, whereas the high carts are equipped with 2 vertical handlebars on each side to ensure smooth manoeuvrability.

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