Portable, retractable privacy screens that reduce the spread of infection. Create new, vibrant patient spaces in seconds.

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1 in 10 patients will acquire an infection in hospital

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) result in a longer, more challenging recovery, significant additional costs and unnecessary loss of life (28,000 patient deaths in the UK annually)

However, 55% of HAIs are preventable with the right infection control equipment.

Within 1 week, 9 in 10 hospital curtains will be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, including MRSA and VRE.

Privacy screens that can be quickly cleaned between patients significantly reduce the HAI risk.


Portable, durable and fully enclosed, the Pro is our flagship product. Perfect for mobile privacy and high traffic zones (extends 3m).

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Our dual screen option, the Duo has a lightweight and open design which allows you to create corners and completely private bays in seconds (Extends 3m each side).

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Light, thin and flexible, the Air is our unique fixed to wall option for stationary privacy that doesn’t sacrifice flexibility (extends 3m).

Air Brochure Page Hospital Privacy Screen


A compact fixed-to-wall screen with a flat base, the KwickScreen Kin is engineered for frequent use in situations that call for something small and lightweight (extends 2m).

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